This Site is Now Hosted at

Updated November 1st, 2017, to add a link to my tagging workaround.

If you’ve shown up here after having visited in the past, and are currently very confused, see the title of this post. In the interest of preserving URLs, the site’s old blog posts have been moved to pages, and you can find them via the Archived Content page.

I know that may be a bit inconvenient, but I had to choose between letting posts keep their categories and tags or letting them keep their original URLs, and URLs won out.

I’m still feeling my way around how things are done at versus self-hosted WordPress, and trying to make sure that links won’t be broken whether the site is accessed via or, in part because I’m future-proofing.

Hopefully, within the next few days, I’ll figure out some sort of tagging system for all the content here that is now served as pages, rather than posts, even if I have to do it manually.

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