Improvised “Tags” for WordPress Pages

Over the past two days, I’ve moved a lot of content to Most of it has been published as pages, rather than posts. Last night, I wondered how I was going to go about making those 90-some pages of content more discoverable.

Also last night, I figured out a workaround.

You can do this in a page or post, but I prefer using a Custom HTML widget.

All you have to do—in that widget, page, or post—is create a series of links to search results within your site.

Format your links like this, where “tag” is the term you want to run a search for:

<a href="/?s=tag">tag</a>


<a href="domain.tld/?s=tag">tag</a>

So, for example, if I wanted to create a “tag” for “workaround” on this site, I would write this:

<a href="/?s=workaround">Workaround</a>


<a href="">Workaround</a>


<a href="">Workaround</a>

I’m currently using relative URLs (the version which doesn’t include the domain) because the code won’t need to be updated even if it’s served from a different address, and for consistency between my primary domain and my subdomain.

You can see how this works by clicking here: Workaround

This workaround isn’t quite as simple as adding a tag on a post, but the method will work for both sites and pages, and it’s not at all difficult to implement.

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