Slowvember: Making the Frame

I’ve learned one quick lesson this Slowvember: Canson Fanboy Manga Art Boards don’t bear up well when too much water is applied. I expected it to perform more like Strathmore Bristol, but nope. The board I began Slowvember with has been replaced, as have the Inktense pencils I wanted to use.

Slowvember 2nd 2017

One objective I want to accomplish with this project is to make a piece that will be simple to mat and frame. I have not just a tendency, but a compulsion to work to the edges, so, on the rare occasion that one of my pieces gets framed, there’s a professional framer involved.

This was my primary motivation for using manga board: The guides around the board’s perimeter necessarily constrain me, forcing me to be conscious of, and work within, the established layout.

I inked over those rules and numbers with my Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, taking the black to the edges. And, since frames were a part of my thought process, I inked the outermost section with old, dried-up, gold ink from Winsor & Newton. It was thick and clumpy, and provided great coverage when applied with angled synthetic brushes.

I still haven’t landed on an actual concept for the project, but I know what my next step is, what tools are involved, and that it will be important to this piece’s discovery process.


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