Blue Iguana in Affinity Designer

Iguana graphic drawn in Affinity Designer

No, the iguana isn’t actually blue, but I thought it could do with a touch of something to break up the yellow-greens. (And frankly, titling drawings isn’t my strong suit). I started drawing this iguana in Affinity Designer a year or two ago, decided to work on it yesterday (because COVID-19, and because the dog wanted me to sit on the sofa with her), couldn’t remember what settings I was using for the black line work, and ended up just adding the color bits today.

I was pretty happy with the end result, given that it will always, always be unfinished, but holy hell did it get wrecked every time I tried to export an SVG from Affinity Designer! It got wrecked when I exported from my iPad (where it was drawn), and it got wrecked when I saved it to iCloud then exported from my iMac.

So, PNG, it is. Finite dimensions are go.

My wallet’s unwilling to open up for Illustrator.

My attention span’s unwilling to spend time figuring out if I exported incorrectly.

And imaginary iguanas are unwilling to conform to anyone else’s sense of color.

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