Orange you glad for Kyocera?

I’m so tickled! I entered a giveaway to win a set of orange-handled Kyocera knives through Facebook. I didn’t expect to win. In fact, I was suspicious when I got an email telling me that I had won and asking for my home address. And I was still surprised when UPS delivered the knives, but … Continue reading “Orange you glad for Kyocera?”

My Pilot Kaküno Demonstrator Collection

My wife and I each have a small collection of fountain pens. Neither of us owns anything that would be considered expensive, as far as fountain pens go, but we’re both happy with (most of ) the pens that we have. We also recently signed up to an email list for the Orange County Pen … Continue reading “My Pilot Kaküno Demonstrator Collection”

At Home With the Wife, Thank Tao

I’m almost always at home. Linda has been at home since Wednesday, and it’s a good change. I feel a little guilty for enjoying her presence (given the reason that I have her here to enjoy: the COVID-19 outbreak in Southern California), but I’m enjoying it nonetheless. My heart rate variability—as measured by my Apple … Continue reading “At Home With the Wife, Thank Tao”

For My Friend, Jenny, Who Doesn’t Know What a Kabocha Is

Don’t feel bad! I had never heard of kabocha, either, before I moved to California! Pumpkins, yes. Spaghetti squash, acorn squash, butternut squash, summer squash, crookneck squash, and zucchini? You betcha! But kabocha? No. And if I had heard of either “kabocha” or “kabocha melon”, I certainly wouldn’t have assumed that either name for this … Continue reading “For My Friend, Jenny, Who Doesn’t Know What a Kabocha Is”

Daily Post: Knowing Your Neighbors

This was written in response to today’s prompt Neighbors, from The Daily Post, a good site for helping you get to know your neighbors on It was written with Bear, and edited using ProWritingAid. — I grew up in small towns, brought up with the notion that people in cities don’t know their neighbors. I … Continue reading “Daily Post: Knowing Your Neighbors”

Jorge Marín’s “Wings of the City” at Anaheim Convention Center

Originally published at on September 11th, 2017. Added to on October 31st, 2017. — Linda and I finally made it out to see Jorge’s Marín’s “Wings of the City” exhibit at the Anaheim Convention Center! We even managed to drag a (camera-shy) friend along! This collection of sculptures has been on display at … Continue reading “Jorge Marín’s “Wings of the City” at Anaheim Convention Center”