A Poodle on the Parkway!

Originally published at Sharonda.net on March 28th, 2017.
Updated on March 31st, 2017. See footnote below.
Added to SMWoodfin.WordPress.com on October 31st, 2017.

My wife and I had a quiet Sunday morning planned: Our big dilemma was choosing between taking Nena for a stroll around Pearson Park, or heading to Costco, where only we humans would exercise. Either way, Nena would have to take her morning constitutional, so we decided to do that in lieu of making an actual decision.

Stray poodle on the parkway
What a cutie!

When we got outside, we spotted a small, white dog sitting on the parkway next to one of the buildings in our development. At first, I thought it was Kennedy, one of our neighbor dogs. But this dog was both too big and too curly to be the tiny Maltese. Besides, Kennedy would have run to Nena, and this dog didn’t approach us, at all.

She didn’t want me to approach her, either. If I got too close, she’d run away. Then she’d stare back at me, once she’d reached a comfortable distance.

We eventually got close because she wanted to get close to Nena, and because my wife is apparently less threatening than I am.

I’ll skip over the long, slow process of getting Nena upstairs while keeping the stray downstairs, getting the new dog harnessed and leashed, photographed, and offering (refused) food. But all of that happened. I’ll skip, too, over walking the neighborhood, ringing doorbells, talking to neighbors and the folks at the nearest grooming parlor, crating the dog, and taking her to the closest vet for a (non-existent) microchip scan.

Stray poodle in our lobby
Not only is she a cutie, but she’s also well-mannered enough to pose for this picture!

I’ll get right to the point:

If not for the gracious presence of one Miss Nena Patina Woodfin-Mah, this little lost dog would probably be hanging out at our condo while we sort of half-assed look for her people. But we are graced with that presence, and Nena enjoys being da bombdiggity solo dog, yo.

We ended up taking the dog to OC Animal Care, where, in a few of days, she’ll be eligible for adoption. The folks there think she’s about 3 years old and 12.5 lbs (that’s twelve and a half, y’all, not one-hundred-twenty-five). She isn’t spayed, at the moment, but will be before she’s available. If you’re interested in adopting this cute, smart, energetic, curious, miniature poodle (poodle mix?), check out her page at OC Animal Care you’re too late!1

1. On March 30th, the little dog was moved to OC Animal Care’s “Happily Ever After” page!