My Eyes Are Up Here

Originally published on December 28th, 2016, at
Republished at on March 6th, 2017.
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And, now, my iMac is, too!

My wife got me this monitor stand from Royal Craft Wood for Christmas, and it definitely falls into that slot clearly labeled “Things I Didn’t Know I Needed, Until I Had Them”:

Royal Craft Wood Monitor Stand
My Royal Craft Wood monitor stand, complete with 27″ iMac, iPad 3, iPhone 6 (in case), artsy stylus, Wacom Bamboo pen, Casio scientific calculator, and Magic Trackpad all on top. (The trackpad is covering what is actually a drink holder.) My keyboard and Wacom tablet are stored beneath the stand, giving me room to play with my iRig MIDI controller. Note that the iPad and the iMac each have their respective versions of GarageBand loaded, so that I can (theoretically) use both at once. (In practice, the iPad has become my sheet music holder while playing the iRig, and will probably also serve to keep reference images front and center while drawing on the iMac.)

I certainly didn’t want a monitor stand for Christmas. It was nowhere near being on my radar. It was stealth bomber. Probably one made with that new(-ish), super-black paint that only one guy is allowed to use.

But man, am I glad I got one!

I’ve never consistently played the iRig Keys you see in the picture above, because I simply didn’t have a good way to switch between having my Apple keyboard on my desk in front of me and having my musical keyboard take its place. Switching between the QWERTY and the Wacom was inconvenient enough. But switching letter keys for note keys really wasn’t worth the hassle.

Now, I’m playing that iRig every day. And, while my wife, dog, and neighbors should consider themselves fortunate that I both have and use earphones, I’m a happier person because I’m playing.

If my neck gets less stiff, cramped, and poppy…

Well, that’s just a bonus.

If you have trouble with the Royal Wood Craft links above, but would like to check out the monitor stand (or RWC’s other products) a bit further, I suggest visiting Royal Craft Wood’s Facebook page or just going straight to the product page on Amazon.