Work-in-Progress: Weredog (And My Inktober Has Been Ruined)

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weredog ink drawing in progress
Speedball on Strathmore: #512 nib and Super Pigmented Acrylic Ink on smooth bristol.

My Inktober has been ruined. It all started yesterday, when the wife and I were waiting to pick up the Mazda, which was at a local shop, getting a new oil pan gasket. Since it was in the shop, we walked to my appointment with the optometrist (‘though, truthfully, if it had been a cooler day, we might have walked, anyway).

Because we were walking, we just happened to be in the crosswalk, not quite half-way across, when some lady decided to run a red light while making a left turn. My wife grabbed me by my shirt to keep me from getting hit, and I put an arm out to push her back. Neither of us were actually hit, thank Tao, but it was close enough to make me think twice about ever letting her walk anywhere in our neighborhood alone again. (It was also two near-misses in two days, for me! Wake up, Anaheim! This is how you end up killing pedestrians!)

In any case, we walked on to the optometrist, where I discovered that I can’t even see as well as I thought I could (and I wasn’t there just for the fun of it, or because my insurance company likes when I get diabetic eye exams; I knew I needed glasses for drawing, and sometimes, for reading).

While we were waiting for the optometrist to come back from lunch, we got a call from the auto repair shop, letting us know that the Mazda was ready, so after picking out some cool Fossil glasses that I should be wearing in about two weeks, we walked down to retrieve the Tribute.

And once we got home, I was tired. My eyes were tired, and the rest of me was tired, too. Instead of drawing, I sat on the sofa with my wife and finished up American Horror Story: Freak Show before catching up with Jane the Virgin and Last Man on Earth. Then we went to bed.

This morning, I started drawing the in-progress piece you see above, and some time this afternoon, I realized there was no way in hell it would be finished before the day is out.

So, yes, my Inktober has been ruined. But not before helping me rediscover the drawing habit.

And I think it’s OK to push Inktober aside in the interest of better, less-rushed work. (Don’t remind me that I said this next month, when I’m doing NaNoWriMo! Foolish consistencies, hobgoblins, and all that!)

Hopefully, there’ll be more of that better, less-rushed work in the pipeline, once I can actually see what I’m drawing!