Quality Resources for Diabetics

Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution – This is the website of an 80-something type 1 diabetic who also happens to be both an engineer and a physician. Bernstein advocates tight blood sugar control to prevent (and sometimes, reverse) diabetic complications. Significant portions of his books outlining how to achieve that tight control are available for free online from this site. If you’re diabetic, or help with care for someone who is, you should read what Bernstein has to say.

What They Don’t Tell You About Diabetes: Blood Sugar 101 and Diabetes Update – Two sites by Jenny Ruhl, a fellow diabetic with a penchant — and the patience — for research. The first site is jam-packed with information about diabetes (including things like the relationship between glucose levels and specific types of diabetic complications), while the second shares diabetes-related news.

Active Low-Carber Forums – This is a large community of people who have at least an interest in low-carb diets and their effects. There are forums for Atkins, paleo, general low-carb, diabetes, thyroid disease, PCOS, vegetarian low-carb, news, debate and more. Again, this is a large community. It’s also a varied community. You’ll have to decide for yourself which posts and posters are trustworthy or not, which ones are logical or less so. But there is valuable information to be found here, even if it’s just keeping up with what’s posted in the Research/Media section or in the “War Zone”.