Fossil Hill

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Fossil Hill: Introduction and Table of Contents

This is a story based in the unincorporated areas of Stoddard County, Missouri, where my mother grew up, where my maternal grandfather lived, and where I spent a couple of months with an aunt and uncle. The names of the places have been altered—some more than others—but my family who still live in the area will recognize all of these places, regardless.

The house in the first chapter is real, and the story behind it is as it was told to me in my childhood.

My wife/beta reader questioned my use of the term “panther” in this story. And she was correct to do so, because most people associate that term with the black panther, rather than Puma concolor. So, despite the fact that people who live in the area commonly—and correctly—refer to the big cats as “panthers”, I’ve used the word “cougar”, instead. (Sorry, friends and kin!)

Fossil Hill is my first experiment in serialized fiction.

Fossil Hill Part 1: Mary
Fossil Hill Part 2: Michael