I just deleted my only “story” from Medium.

Originally published at Sharonda.net on March 23rd, 2017.
Updated October 24th, 2017 – Medium’s policy has changed, and mine has, too. You can read more about it in my Medium story “Hobgoblins: On Emerson and Returning to Medium”.
Added to SMWoodfin.WordPress.com on October 31st, 2017.

I had been considering moving it here, anyway; but, this morning, I read how Medium has begun offering subscriptions, and that solidified the decision for me. Medium is a lovely platform. But $5/month buys me a Duotrope subscription, and if my writing is going to be on a sub-based site…

Well, I’d like to get something out of it.

I suspect that the subscription model wouldn’t have any effect on access to my post, anyway, even accounting for a model which limits how many stories a non-subscriber can access.

But that really isn’t the point.

The point is ownership.

And as the owner of said content, I want you to be able to read it for free, if you’re so inclined. (Or to pay me, if someone is getting paid.)

Now, you can do exactly that right here.

The “read it for free” part, I mean.

The “pay me” bit still only exists in my head, in some far-distant future, uncluttered by fluff.