It’s a Tentacle Mandala Print, Sucker!

Originally published at on October 2nd, 2017.
Added to on October 31st, 2017.

This framed print just came via FedEx today, and boy, am I relieved!

It's a Tentacle Mandala Sucker Framed Print
It’s a Tentacle Mandala, Sucker!
Framed print drawn by me, printed by Inktale. You can get your own, better-sized, framed or unframed version at my Inktale shop.

This is my first mandala drawn in SketchBook 8.4.1. It’s my first time ordering anything from Inktale, the first framed print I’ve ordered of my work from any print-on-demand service, and my first design incorporating a well-hidden digital signature along with a “Samu”/”Sharonda” chop with my name and date printed below.

Sizing–which is my fault; I should have left a bigger border–aside, everything turned out exactly how it was supposed to. I’ve since resized before making the print available for purchase.

The photo above had an Instagram filter applied, but in the real print, sitting a few feet away from me for reference, lipstick red looks like it did in SketchBook and in Preview. Ditto for Antwerp blue, pinkish white, and process blue. The pinkish white, scribbled suckers show up even where they touch the white background. My hidden signature really is hidden (at least at 12″x12″) and my not-hidden name and date are clearly legible. Subtle variations in the red background of the chop show up, too.

I really couldn’t be more thrilled with the way this piece printed.

(Given the timing, I feel compelled to mention that this mandala was drawn using the Busted Fountain Pen brush from SketchBook’s Inktober 2016 brush set. [For those who are interested, the 2017 set–which is a lot like the previous set–is available here.])

I don’t expect that you’ll dig this mandala as much as I do. But if you’re inclined, you can get your own appropriately sized, framed or unframed poster of my tentacle mandala here.

There’s currently nothing else in my shop at Inktale, but you can see new stuff when it’s posted by clicking here.

Finally, this post may or may not be updated as It’s a Tentacle Mandala, Sucker becomes available on other products and/or through other print-on-demand services.

In the meantime, I need to attach a hanger to a frame and figure out which room is going to get one square foot of eight-legged zen.