Jorge Marín’s “Wings of the City” at Anaheim Convention Center

Originally published at on September 11th, 2017.
Added to on October 31st, 2017.

Linda and I finally made it out to see Jorge’s Marín’s “Wings of the City” exhibit at the Anaheim Convention Center! We even managed to drag a (camera-shy) friend along!

Linda with Alas de México
Linda bears her wings before Alas de México. (She wanted to wear a trench coat and tie for this. Alas, we own no trench coat. Castiel cosplay fail!)

This collection of sculptures has been on display at the Convention Center since July 11th. Little did I know, we were waiting for a free parking day before going to see it.

(I suspect the weather, and maybe laziness, played into our waiting for the very last one.)

Jorge Marín's
Bernardo Oriental Monumental

(Ha. The WordPress proofreader accused me of using “bias language” in this caption, and suggested I trade “Oriental” for “Asian”.)

The sculptures, themselves, were wonderful, imposing and detailed. But my favorite thing about them was that they were touchable. I was able to touch Bernardo‘s hands, held–as they were–behind his back, which was strange, but cool.

Jorge Marín's
Hombre Universal

I didn’t touch any part of Hombre Universal.

Jorge Marín's

If you’d like to see the exhibit before it leaves Anaheim, you’d better get a move on! The Convention Center exhibit closes on September 30th! And who doesn’t want to see Archivaldo? (Lomo, or no Lomo, Archivaldo is beautiful.)

Me with Jorge Marín's Angel Persélidas Monumental from Wings of the City
Me trying to get a selfie with Angel Persélidas Monumental. Photo by my wife, Linda Mah. Used with permission. You can see more of Linda’s photos on her Instagram page.

If you’d like to learn more about the exhibit, click on through to the “Wings of the City” page at Visit Anaheim.

Me and Linda at the Wings of the City exhibit at the Anaheim Convention Center.
Me and Linda at Jorge Marín’s “Wings of the City” exhibit at the Anaheim Convention Center on September 10th, 2017. In addition to seeing the awesome sculptures, we got lots of sun! (This photo also belongs to Linda, and, like the one above, is used with permission.)

Homebodies can see more of Jorge Marín’s work at