My Social Media Vacation–And You Should, Too

Originally published at on August 24th, 2017.
Added to on Oftober 31st, 2017.

Facebook is where people go to become the worst versions of themselves. I’m thoroughly convinced of that. And Facebook profits from them doing so.

Meanwhile, Twitter sends tweets from white supremacists to the email address for an account I set up for my dog, Jerry, before he passed away. Neither he nor I are following these accounts, but there their tweets are. They’re1 mixed in with accounts that Jerry’s account actually follows, and the why of that is beyond me.

I’d like to see people–my friends, mostly–making the internet their own, again, instead of giving their content up to social media companies. I’d like to see an internet populated less with Facebook and more with faces, each developing his or her own little corner of the web, connecting their identity to the things they say online. I want to go visit my friends’ blogs about how they like or dislike whatever thing, written by that friend, sharing his or her own thoughts, rather that something where he or she simply clicked “Share” on Facebook.

I’d like to read thoughts that go beyond 140 characters, and see digital photos in context.

I’d like to see comment sections where people are engaged but polite, because–after all–they’re visiting the online equivalent of someone else’s home.

In that spirit, I’m on a mini-vacation from social media. I worry a bit, that my friends and family on Facebook will think that I’ve died, but really, I’m not that hard to contact, even for those folks who don’t have my email address or phone number.

It’s been mostly a Facebook vacation, in truth. I’ve consciously spent less time on Twitter and Instagram, and I think that I’ve spent less time on Reddit without the intention to do so.

But it’s Facebook that makes me question humanity.

Regardless of the avoidance breakdown, less Facebook, for me, has meant more time writing and less time angsting.

It will probably mean more brief, pointless updates to this blog, because–at some point–a girl’s gotta express herself.

If you, too, are interested in expressing yourself, in a space that’s sort-of your own, but you don’t have a clue how to get started, I recommend that you check out both WordPress (dot-com, not dot-org, if you’re a total n00b, n00b; less n00by advice is here) and Blogger for some free, basic options.

Pretty much anyone who’s ever blogged would point you to one of those two places for getting started, so that recommendation is a pretty weak excuse for a post.

If you want a better excuse, look below the line:

1. That’s “there”, “their”, and “they’re”, y’all, all used properly. I’m trusting that you knew that. If you didn’t, consider this footnote “value-added”.