Next Week’s To Do List – Bootstrap, AppleScript, Write, Draw, Read

Originally published at on October 12th, 2017.
Edited on October 12th, 2017, to add: “My Tao! I thought it was Friday!”
Updated on October 13, 2017, to correct a source.
Added to on October 31st, 2017, while moving the to’s servers, and leaving flapping in the metaphorical wind.

Very little was accomplished from this week’s to-do list. But two important goals came into play to make for an interesting and busy week for me.

First, the failures.

I drew nothing. Nothing for Inktober or Drawlloween, no tiny Halloween images for Faber-Castell (though I do have a previous tiny sketch I’m considering posting), nothing for Blick’s Pen & Ink Challenge, and not one mollusk to be seen.

I wrote no blog posts, ‘though the follow-up posts I wanted to write are still posts I want to write, so I’m shifting them over to my goals for the coming week.

I didn’t build an about page for Linda for the same reason that I didn’t learn a damned thing more than I already knew about Piwik:

I’ve spent the last week learning about Bootstrap, and using it (version 3.3.7, and accompanied by Atom, Firefox Developer Edition, TextWrangler1, and Transmit) to rebuild as a static site.

It’s ugly and old-fashioned, at least compared to Twentyanyteen, and I still haven’t figured out how to make favicons work across all browsers, but I think that homely, retro, and static are better options than sleek, modern, and dynamic for the type of site that is.

In addition to the Bootstrap site linked above, I followed advice from W3 Schools’ Bootstrap Tutorial, Jonathan Briehl, Bootstrap Bay, and 2My4Edge.

I’m hoping to learn more, improve upon what I’ve already built, and add more content to

And that’ll be the start of next week’s to-do list:

  1. Learn more about Bootstrap, improve upon the build and add more content to

Bootstrap makes CSS layout easy, and it makes building mobile-friendly sites easy, too. I only had one real problem during this entire process, and it wasn’t Bootstrap-related, at all:

Once I’d gotten the basic site ready, and SFTP’d it to the server, I found that some of my images weren’t showing up. But only some. And all the missing images were stored in the same folder. I compared that folder’s permissions to those of my other image folders, but the permissions matched. And one image from the suspect folder actually did show up!

I couldn’t figure out why.

Firefox’s Web Developer tools said that the missing images couldn’t be loaded. Pasting the URL for one of the images, as written in the page, resulted in a 404. But Transmit clearly showed that the images had been uploaded. A quick “ls” of that folder via Terminal showed that the images were there, too.

And everything had worked fine locally. Still did. The images were the same. The code was the same. Why wasn’t it working on the uploaded version?

Because the system is different. Apparently the environment where is hosted is pickier than my iMac, when it comes to HTML and filenames.

Via “Get Info” on the local copies, I eventually noticed that the “missing” images all had uppercase file extensions, while the working ones did not. Once all the JPGs were switched to jpgs, everything loaded correctly.

An easy fix for a frustrating problem!

Once all of that was done, I set up a “Stable” folder in my Dropbox, in addition to the folder for the development version of the site. I created a “Production Site” folder within my “Sites” folder, and created an AppleScript application for syncing the “Stable” folder to the “Production Site” folder because redundancy is good–especially since tweaks will happen, even to the “Stable” site.

And that’s another thing I’d like to do in the coming week:

  1. Learn more about what can be done with AppleScript

Now, to the past week’s goals:

I no longer need to learn about Skeleton, and Piwik will just have to wait. Participating in Internet events is, apparently, not going to happen for me this month, so I’m taking that off the table, too.

And the rest of my to-do list looks like this:

  1. Build an about page for Linda, because I mention her all the time
  2. Write a follow-up post to SketchBook as a Subscription (Or, Maybe I’m a Hypocrite)
  3. Write a follow-up post to Checking out Firefox Developer Edition 57.0b3, focused mainly on containers, but also extensions for 57 and that whole Cliqz thing
  4. Draw daily, and draw anything I want
  5. Learn to write HTML footnotes without having to consult Compendiums: How to Create Footnotes in HTML every. Damned. Time.
  6. Get cozy with BBEdit.
  7. Write daily. Not just blog posts.
  8. Finish reading Helen Scales’ Spirals in Time: The Secret Life and Curious Afterlife of Seashells
  9. Do more print-on-demand, but only a little, and certainly not enough to create frustration

1. According to the linked page at Bare Bones Software, TextWrangler is not compatible with High Sierra. I don’t have High Sierra because, apparently, my Wacom driver isn’t compatible with the new OS, yet, either. But TextWrangler was, for me, better than Atom for spell checking alt texts while building, and I was glad to have it on hand. I hope BBEdit is similarly useful!