Next Week’s To Do List – CSS Frameworks, Follow-up Posts, and Ink

Originally published at on October 7th, 2017.
Updated 10 October 2017 to fix a link.
Updated 12 October to link to this follow-up-post, as well as to add visual indicators of progress.
Added to on October 31st, 2017, with updated links.

I don’t work on much during the weekend, when Linda is home, other than on projects that involve us both. And I’m starting to have trouble keeping track of the things that I want to work on during the weekdays, when she’s at the office.

I have Todoist on my iMac and my iPhone, and I use it, but honestly, I’m going in so many directions right now that my Todoist is basically a list of items that regularly get postponed to either “Tomorrow” or “Next week”.

I’m also wanting, more and more, to focus my online activities around my own tiny, lint-covered strand of the web, and reading a Guardian article this morning about minds being “hijacked” by smartphones only served to strengthen that desire.

So I’m thinking that a weekend to-do list is in order, and that there’s no better place to put it than right here.


  1. W3Schools’ Bootstrap 3 Tutorial
  2. Get Bootstrap’s Getting Started
  3. SitePoint’s Getting Started with Skeleton…
  4. More about getting Piwik up and running at NearlyFreeSpeech, with WordPress as root, and what that might end up costing me in terms of resource usage


  1. A responsive, static site for
  2. An about page for Linda, because I mention her all the time


  1. A follow-up to SketchBook as a Subscription (Or, Maybe I’m a Hypocrite)
  2. A follow-up to Checking out Firefox Developer Edition 57.0b3, focused mainly on containers


  1. Schreeching fanged fiends, gigantic Martian mayhem, running swamp citizens, shattered reel monsters, teeming Jasons and tiny Halloween symbols, all in ink
  2. Anything suitable for Blick’s Pen & Ink Challenge
  3. mollusks in any media

And, finally, I’d like to decide how I’m going to turn these weekend to-do lists into visually effective checklists for keeping track of which things I have and haven’t accomplished.

This post may be updated (with notes up top, because transparency) over the next day or two, as well as throughout the coming week.

Yay, productivity!?