, 301 Redirects, and Big Screens vs Little

Originally published at on September 20th, 2017.
Added to on October 31st, 2017, while moving my sites from NearlyFreeSpeech, and leaving in a state of flux. See Blogging Beyond the Grave for my rationale. None of this post really applies as of Halloween. now has content. Enough so that yesterday, I set a 301 redirect1 from this site’s “Visual Art” page to the new site.

Go ahead and try it.

Copy this:

Or this:

Paste it into your address bar, preferably in another tab.

Hit “enter”.

Nice, huh?

You can even try this one:

But this one doesn’t work:

And I can’t figure out why.

The trailing slash is obviously the only difference between the two URLs. I thought that maybe the difficulty had something to do with the page’s status as a child of the “Visual Art” page, and I made a few different attempts at correcting the .htaccess, but nothing I tried would work for that fourth URL.

I’m kind of OK with that, though.

My guess is that not many people have bookmarked that page. And a three-out-of-four success rate on something that isn’t that important to me, or to anyone else, and which steers me into somewhat unfamiliar territory?

Yeah. I’m good with that.

(But if anyone wants to leave a comment about what I might have done incorrectly, I’d be even better with that.)

In any case, now has content. And it presently looks like this: screenshot 09-20-2017 screenshot 09-20-2017

That’s not too terribly different from the last time I screenshot the site.

Content changes aside, the visual changes have all been down to trying to make things work on mobile. The screenshot above was taken on my 27″ iMac. The octopus graphic is only partially visible on my iPhone, and the part that shows isn’t necessarily enough to make it recognizable as octopodian.

But what was worse was the difference between the menu presentations for desktop and mobile. I had used a semi-transparent (rgba) background color for widgets to give those entries contrast on the desktop. But the mobile version of the menu uses the color from “a” for link text, and it appears against the page’s whitespace. Meanwhile the desktop version uses the color specified by “.secondary a” for link text and appears against the octopus graphic. The semi-transparent CSS background color appeared on both the desktop and mobile versions of the menu, making only one of them clearly readable.

Hence, the quick and simple, dark, wavy-looking addition to the octopus graphic.

The good news is that:

  1. the most difficult aspect of building the portfolio is done, and
  2. I’m optimistic about having my art portfolio as a separate site from

I’m using Twenty Seventeen as the theme for this site, and I love it for text-y posts with maybe a graphic or few, but I don’t like it much for galleries.

Twenty Fifteen, which I’m using at, is—to my eye—better for galleries than Twenty Seventeen is, but not so great for busy, text-filled blog posting.

So, the plan is that all blogging–including whatever blogging goes on during Inktober and Drawlloween–stays at, while maintains a gallery format with fewer, less wordy updates.

I’m happy with that sense of separation.

Next on the agenda is to add a few more pages at, possibly replace Jetpack’s WordPress stats with self-hosted Piwik on both sites, and to get back to blogging about anything that isn’t related to, all before the beginning of October.

Wish me luck!

1. I followed the “How to Redirect a Page Using Htaccess” section of elegant themes’ How To Create Redirects With WordPress. (Yes, I needed instructions.) I’d prefer not to rely on PHP or add another plugin to my WordPress mix.