The Great Godzilla off Kanagawa

Originally published at on September 26th, 2017.
Added to on October 31st, 2017.

I stumbled across this on Society6 this morning:

The Great Godzilla off Kanagawa
The Great Godzilla off Kanagawa by DinoMike at Society6

You may not know this about my little family, but Nena‘s bathroom (formerly the guest bath) is A.K.A. “The Tokyo Room”. It got that name because the wife’s favorite shower curtain, which hangs in the room, has a silhouetted city skyline, complete with one part that looks to us like a shadowy Godzilla hanging out amongst the skyscrapers.

So, when we found a Godzilla bank at Phat Collectibles (R.I.P. Anaheim store), this happened:

Godzilla bank with
Our Godzilla bank with homemade “Save Tokyo!” sign. It’d make you want to drop in a dime, right?

Linda and I are obviously shameless. It’s also obvious that we need that freaking awesome Godzilla print for our freaking awesome (yet underdeveloped) Godzilla-themed bathroom.

Hopefully, the trend toward obviousness continues with the Society6 links, above.

Just to be clear: They’re affiliate (“curator”) links. I.e., you buy through those links, and I get a little sumpin’ sumpin’ to put toward my own purchase of the print.

At least I hope that’s how it works: You get an awesome print, I get $ to save up for the print, and DinoMike gets $$, too.

And Godzilla? He gets to extend his rampage through our little piece of Anaheim.

Anyone else in the mood for some Blue Oyster Cult?